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DataOps Engineer

Tikal is an experts company with over 130 software developers. We have a large client base, ranging from promising startups to leading tech companies. We handpick our clients, to give our experts the most interesting and cutting-edge assignments. Our experts join our clients’ development teams, working together on their most challenging assignments.

Tikal has 4 groups - Frontend, Backend/Data, DevOps and Mobile. The groups meet on a regular basis to discuss new technologies and share their experience and knowledge they’ve gathered on their assignments. Every year, all the groups launch a tech radar, an opinionated mapping of the latest technologies and trends. Every expert at Tikal has a Lead, together they draw a professional roadmap, which is closely monitored and adjusted according to the market trends, your interest and the needs of our clients.


  • 5+ years of experience with Linux system administration in production sites
  • Experience programing languages such as Java / Python / Go / Node.js
  • Hands-on Experience with Docker & Kubernetes
  • Experience with BigData (Hadoop administration, EMR, BigQuery)
  • Experience with Data pipeline (Airflow, Argo Workflow)
  • Experience with Stream queue ( Kafka , Pulsar, etc)
  • Experience with Batch proccesing (Spark , Flink)
  • Experience with wide NoSQL (Casandra , Hbase)

Personal qualities we’re looking for:

It’s important to understand that when you work at Tikal, you actually have two teams: the team in your current assignment and your Tikal Group. This means that you have to skillfully divide your time and attention between the two (of course, we will guide you on how to do it in the best way possible). That is one of the best things about Tikal, but it is often the one that is most difficult for newbies to grasp.

In addition, since our assignments are usually a few months long, It’s important to have good people skills and be able to get integrated fast into new environments (socially and professionally). And now to the standard “personal qualities”: passion for technology, always ready to learn, independent and most importantly love to get your hands dirty (as dirty as they can get on the keyboard). We dive deep into the most intricate challenges together with our client’s R&D team, so get ready to work hard and sweat (again, keyboard, a/c and all).

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